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Osvaldo Garcia (Ogarc)
Osvaldo Garcia
Born in Holguín, Cuba, Osvaldo Garcia is a graduate of ENA and ISA and a Professor at the National Academy of Arts, San 
Alejandro, Havana, Cuba. Osvaldo Garcia, member of the “Union de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba”, (UNEAC) has firmly 
established himself nationally as a leading artist who ranks along side the more internationally renowned painters such 
as Flora Fong, Tomas Sanchez and Cesar Leal, to mention but a few.
Osvaldo García has been in a long and difficult trip to become this excellent exponent of contemporary Cuban painting to work in 
“what people don’t want to recognize”, as he himself explains the theme of his most recent painting.  Taboos and paradoxes,
like death, are expressed in a mature work realized by a secure hand that knows where it’s going.
"His dark series’ reveals the presence of the tense dialogue between a figuration out of the detectable world and certain great 
gestures of conduct that constitute an unraveling in the archetype of human identity," as Cuban critic Alberto Garrrandés has 
Nevertheless, after having contact with the paintings and drawings 
of the artist, the commentaries of specialists are not necessary 
to understand that you’re in the presence of a purified art. 
I first entered into contact with the work of Osvaldo García some 
years ago when color and transparency predominated in it and his 
topics were less philosophical and his figuration more realistic 
and erotic.
He was noted then for an expressive singularity that clearly spoke 
of a painter with his own identity. Time has polished his forms and 
concepts, leaving his own unequivocal signs of art that reach and 
transcend the moment in which it is produced.
With his “dark series” – which is sometimes for the topic and not
for the color – Osvaldo García incursions into an ambience of 
pictorial representation that has seldom been seen by artists in 
this country and that recalls, in a certain way, the fantasies of 
master Fidelio Ponce, who is still a reference that signals the 
talent of this creator – who for a long time, formed a generation 
of new Cuban painters – among whom he deserves to be listed in the 
foreground and first line of the successful painting of today. 
Constancy is perhaps one of his most admirable qualities. 
That and his faith in what he does.
Osvaldo Garcia